Thanks to Fareast yachts involvement we now have a proper production with a capacity of over 300 S\V14 a year. Now it is a matter of building the class and ensuring worldwide support and promotion.

We are now ab;e to provide an affordable and accessible boat to the entire world. We have achieved this thanks to the tremendous efforts of a dedicated group of unpaid volunteers. Not only have they dedicated their time but also made a significant financial contribution to this project. Although we still aim to continue working with volunteers our management costs are skyrocketing. This includes attending World Sailing meeting, presentation, PR material, etc, for this we urgently need some extra support.

It is also the intention to be able to support financially countries which are unable to pay even the low cost of an S\V14. We are looking for companies or private people who are keen on sponsoring projects in emerging countries.

Your help by making a contribution to the S\V14 organization can make this a reality.

You can donate either by depositing directly into the account or with your credit card via Paypal . If you visit us at the stand, you can also do it right there with your credit card.

For security and safety of our volunteers we won’t be accepting cash.