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All prices quoted are Ex. Work Shanghai (Shanghai Far East Boats Co., Ltd.) Shipping costs, duties, transfers and other local taxes including VAT if applicable are for the customer's account. Orders are arranged with the assistance of SV14.org by completing the attached order form. SV14.org will forward this order form to both Fareast Boats and to the international Shipping company GAC Pindar to get a door to door shipping quote for either a 20' or 40' container depending on the number of boats to the requested destination. Fareast will upon receipt of the order form give an indication of the current building progress and anticipated completion time of the order. This together with a Pro Forma invoice for payment of the building deposit will be sent back to the client. The current building deposit and required down payment is 30% of the purchase order as per order form. Far East Boats will inform the client directly once the deposit is received and confirm a fixed delivery time based on the time the deposit has been received. This delivery time can then be used by the shipping agent to finalize their arrangement with client for the transport. GAC Pindar can from that moment liaise directly with the yard as to when pickup needs to be arranged and deal with the various stages of shipment and payments required by the client. The balance of the order (70%) will need to be paid to Far East Boats before the container can leave the yard. Proof of completion and loading of the container can be supplied by the yard if requested. Clients can make their own shipping arrangements if preferred, SV14.org merely supplies this as a service if needed. Companies will be supplied with invoices from: Far East Boats (for the SV14's), shipping and clearing agents equalling the total cost of the boats delivered on location and all duties and taxes paid as per local practice per destination. Note that for cost effective shipping we highly recommend not to order less than 4 boats at a time to be shipped to any destination. Many of the shipment/transport costs are either fixed fees or cost per container which means that these costs can be divided by either 4 (for a 20ft container) or 9 (for a 40ft one). Less than 4 boats in a 20ft container will significantly increase the cost per boat to have it delivered to your destination. For those who do not want to order up to 4 boats SV14.org will try to find additional buyers which would allow shipment to the same destination. However this is problematic from a logistics perspective which will result in extended delivery times. (The yard builds in batches of 10 boats and ships in batches of either 4 or 8). This means that individual orders need to be grouped together for building as well as shipping to meet the advertised prices. As this is a direct “OEM to End User” selling model, there are no agents or importers involved. The advantage is the reduced overall cost. The disadvantage is that specific fabricated spares also need to be obtained directly from the yard. SV14.org can assist with obtaining spare parts if needed. Alternatively clubs/organizations/users can contact Fareast Boats directly to order parts and have them shipped out. Transport costs are for the end user’s account as are the costs for the parts if needed for replacement because of damage or due to wear and tear. Any items which would need replacement under warranty will be assessed first by SV14.org and the yard and dealt with on a case by case basis. If found to be a valid warranty claim, the yard will replace the parts at no cost if they can’t be repaired. Shipping costs to and from the yard if needed is in all events for the client’s account as all purchases and replacements are ex works Shanghai. The SV14.org project is a non profit effort driven by SV14.org and Far East Boats. All parties entering into an agreement with Far East Boats to supply SV14's will do so on the clear understanding that there is a limited liability on warranty by the yard to only replace and repair on a basis of Ex Works Shanghai. The SV14 complies fully with CE requirements, carries a CE certification and conforms to the applicable ISO standard, any different legislation requirements which may be applicable have to by fulfilled by the buyer/user. In this sales model the “End User” becomes the importer and as such is the responsible party to carry any warranty requirements which may be in place to comply with local legislation. This arrangement is not put in place to absolve Far East Boats from any responsibility it is merely the model we like to follow in order to deliver the boats at the lowest cost without defaulting on the many different laws and regulations we otherwise have to deal with and are not considered in the selling price of the boats.

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Standard Version (as described below)U.S. 3700


Nylon Spinnaker & Deck GearU.S.$ 500
Tilting Mechanism KitU.S.$ 3200
GP Racing MainsailU.S.$ 670
GP Racing JibU.S.$ 215
GP Racing Asymmetric SpinnakerU.S.$ 315

Spare Parts

Dacron MainSailU.S.$ 0
Dacron JibU.S.$ 0
Nylon Asymmetric SpinnakerU.S.$ 0
Basic Crew/Para SeatU.S.$ 0
Basic Helmsman/Quad SeatU.S.$ 0
Individual RudderbladeU.S.$ 0

Other Equipment

Deck CoverU.S.$ 0

Total Price

U.S. $

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Standard Boat

as described below


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Nylon Spinnaker & Deck Gear

GP Racing Mainsail

GP Racing Jib

GP Racing Asymmetric Spinnaker

Tilting mechanism(Complete Kit)


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All prices are Ex-factory

Spare Parts

Dacron Mainsail.
By Fareast as supplied with “Standard Specification.

Dacron Jib.
By Fareast as supplied with “Standard Specification.

Nylon Asymmetric Spinnaker.
By Fareast.

Basic Crew/Para Seat.
By Fareast with clamps for tiling arrangement.

Basic Helmsman/Quad Seat.
By Fareast with clamps for tilting arrangement.

Individual Rudderblade.
By Fareast.

Other Equipment

Deck Cover.
By Fareast, to be specified according to options model, mast up in position.


Design - Simonis Voogd

(M = Main Sail) (J = Jib) (A = Asymmetric Spinnaker)

Length Overall4,39 m
Length Waterline4,36 m
Beam1,59 m
Draft(keel down)1,20 m
Displacement(approx)300 kg
Sail Area Upwind(M+J)9,4 m2
Sail Area Downwin(M+A)16,3 m2
CE CertificationCAT C
I3,68 m
J1,37 m2
P4,65 m2
E2,15 m


HULL: Vacuum infused sandwich using PVC core, E‐glass and isophthalic polyester resin. Hull Finish: White isophthalic gelcoat. Internal Reinforcing: Solid glass structure, creating 6 flotation compartments. DECK: Sandwich construction using PVC core, E‐glass and isophthalic resin. Non‐skid pattern used in strategic deck areas. E‐plates used as backing plates for deck hardware. KEEL: 1.20 meter deep lifting keel T-shaped with low drag bulb fabricated out of resin/lead‐shot, encapsulated in GRP shell. Fin is resin infused using E‐glass/carbon and PVC core. RUDDERS: Twin rudder arrangement. Blades are resin infused E‐glass/carbon and PVC core.


SPARS: Fareast aluminum mast with nylon mast top, heel, 1 spreader set and SS gooseneck fitting. Integral bolt‐rope extrusion. Fareast aluminum boom with fittings for outhaul, tack, vang, mainsheet and reef. Retractable bowsprit, alloy tubing by Fareast. STANDING RIGGING: 3,0 mm SS 1x19 forestay and caps. RUNNING RIGGING: 1 Mainsail halyard 1 Jib halyard 1 Spinnaker halyard (optional) 1 Jib Sheet (continuous) 1 Main sheet (4:1) 1 Vang purchase (4:1) 1 Outhaul line 1 Cunningham line 1 Traveler control line 1 Pole extension line 1 Reef line


DECK EQUIPMENT: 1 tiller yoke on centerline connected to twin rudders fitted on cockpit sole in front of fixed seat. Mainsail blocks (4). Jib blocks (2) with cleats. Turning blocks (2) for Jib sheet. Pad eyes for mainsheet bridles (4). Cleat for pole extension. SEATING: 2 GRP bucket seats(1 Skipper and 1 crew model), specifically designed for the SV14 fitted on cockpit floor with quick release knobs bolts. SAILS: Dacron Mainsail with 1 reef. Dacron Jib with window. MISCELLANEOUS: CE Owner’s manual

*The tilting mechanism comprises out of the aluminum frame and brackets to fit the standard seats and electric 24 volt actuator. Excluded are the 2x12 volt 12 Ah(min) batteries.

* Asymmetric Spinnaker is not part of the standard specification.