project support.

Special thanks to our supporters (alphabetically)

AB Composites Co.,Ltd


Tim van Hurck

Sponsored shipping of chair and mast for TH-01 from The Netherlands to Thailand

Advanced Materials Solutions

South Africa
Johan van Niekerk

Supplied Laserjet cutting of bulb of Prototype ZA-01


South Africa

Graham Blyth

Supplied Prototype ZA-01 with all glass and resin and filler materials.

Austhai Marine


Ray Ringuet

Supplied material and space to build Prototype TH-01

Baltic Timbers

South Africa

Max Widan

Supplied Prototype ZA-01 with all timber at reduced cost.

Blue Peter Marine


Peter Jacops

Consultancy, building and material Donations for Prototype TH-01

Central Boating World

South Africa

David Barnes

Supplied complete set of deck gear for Prototype ZA-01

Deltec Energy Solutions

South Africa

Lance Channer

Advise and supply of batteries and 24 Volt charger



Manie Botha

Complete build of Prototype ZA-02 “The first home builders trial”

Harding’s Products

South Africa

Wendy Claussen

R 10.000,– Donation towards Sails and Deckgear for prototype ZA-01

Manex & Power Marine

South Africa

Gary Sindler Lines, deck fittings, Steering Cable, Wichard low friction rings ,padeyes and


South Africa

Leon Delport

Shipping of first tilting platform, actuator and optiparts spars from Holland to South Africa

Midway Metals

Vietnam Antony Jolly

Supplied the fabrication of all SS fittings for Prototype ZA-01 and ZA-02

Mike Paterson

South Africa

Mike Paterson

Manufacturer numerous small fitttings and PWD Hoist for ZA-01

Nautique Marketing Communications

South Africa

Rob Kamhoot

Development of Website, Production of Promotional Videos for the SV14 project

North Sails South Africa

Rick Nankin

Development of the sails for the SV14 and supplying Prototype ZA-01 with a full set of sails at 50 % of cost.

Ocean Marina Yacht Club


Scott Finsten

Bought the first fleet of 8 Jomtien version S\V14, free storage and maintenance of a fleet of 11 S\V14



Robbert Noordanus

Supplied complete set of spars for Prototype ZA-02 and ZA-03 (Imperial Version)

Pattaya West Wind Masonic Lodge


Brian Alexander

85000 Baht Donation toward building Prototyp TH-01

Priclo Motors

South Africa

Peter Price

Supplying Road Trailer for transport Prototype ZA-01

Rind Routing

South Africa

Rayno von Schlicht

Supplied all CNC cutting for Prototype ZA-02

Robertson & Caine

South Africa

Alet du Plessis

All labour, facilities, overheads and consumables to building Prototype ZA-01


South Africa

Marius Pansegrouw

Graphics/lettering on prototype ZA-01

Royal Phuket Marina

Mr Gulu Lalvani

250 000 Baht Donation toward building Prototype TH-01

Sailability (New Zealand) Hawkes Bay Sailors

New Zealand

Katy Kenah

Club in New Zealand part of the Sailablity effort to help disabled sailors. Building Prototype NZ-01


South Africa

Shona McDonald

Development and supply of 2 full supportive seat for people with disablitlies for Prototype ZA-01

Simpson Marine


Pre-sponsored 250 000 Baht for TH-03

Simonis Voogd Design


Netherlands Alex Simonis

Design of the SV14 & donation toward cost of building materials Prototype ZA-01

Southern Ropes

South Africa

Chris King

Supply of all running rigging (sheets, controll lines etc).

Sparcraft Masts

South Africa
Tich Mitchell
Built complete imperial rig and rebuilt first mast completely with track and halyards.

Stainless Products B.V.


Marco Collette

Development and supply of first complete Tilting platform and steering system for Prototype ZA-01

TS Rigging Solutions

South Africa

Trevor Spillebeen

Supplied Splicing and lifting lines crane and single point lifting strops

Waleed Adams

South Africa

Waleed Adams

Electrical installation Tilting platform

Z-Spars France

Remi Gerbeaud

Supplied complete set of spars for Prototype ZA-01 (Metric Version)